Glucose Monitoring

The Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (CGMS) is a helpful tool to get your glucose under control.  It is very easy to wear and virtually a painless process.  You wear the tiny sensor under your skin for 72 hours and it will record your glucose every 5 minutes while you work, play, or sleep.  The patient will still check their glucose 4 times a day and also record daily events like meals, insulin, and exercise.  This information will be entered into the computer.  The doctor can then look at the grafts and see where the changes need to be made.

Finger sticks alone may not be reveal 60% of lows.  A1C testing provides a 2-3 month average of glucose levels and isn’t intended to track highs and lows.  Call your physician to discuss wearing the CGMS so they can fine-tune your diabetes treatment.

Get More Insights For Improved Control

  • Reveal low and high glucose trends not tracked by fingersticks alone
  • Discover new insights to fine-tune your therapy and improve control
  • Reduce your A1C level, and bring it closer to the ADA target of 7% or less
  • Lower your long-term risks of eye, kindey, nerve, and heart disease
  • Enjoy your life with few highs and lows and more peace of mind