Concussion Clinic

Specialists Focused on Concussion Tests and Treatments

A bump or a blow to your head could cause a concussion, especially if the impact was strong enough to make your body jerk. If you have accidentally hit your head, make sure to consult a physician immediately. The effects may be temporary, but concussions can affect your concentration, balance, memory, and coordination.

At Richland Medical Center, we have a concussion clinic that exists primarily to benefit patients who have encountered sports-related head injuries. We also offer our assistance to individuals who were involved in car accidents and experienced other injuries.

Our athletic trainers, Sharon Panske and Angie Wallace, will work with you to assess the severity of your injury. To determine this, we will use a computer diagnostic program, which helps us in conducting the necessary studies. You will then be asked to have a short consultation with our reliable doctor, Dr. David May.

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Signs and symptoms of a concussion may not manifest immediately. For your health and safety, have one of our experts check your condition. For more information about our services, please
call (608) 647-6161 ext. 4014.