Our Mission

Richland Medical Center strives to:

  • Provide high quality and accessible market oriented primary health services.
  • Provide superior quality care.
  • Coordinate and manage specialty services to resident’s and businesses within a fifty(50) mile radius of Richland Center.
  • Strive to have satisfied patients, staff and clinicians.

Patient satisfaction is our #1 Priority.

“Every job performed is a self portrait of the person who did it, therefore autograph your work with excellence.”

Meet the Team

Our physicians include board certified family physicians, board certified general surgeon, board certified orthopedist, and board certified obstetrics/gynecologist.

Our medical staff includes nurse practitioners who are Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioners (APNP), and physician assistants (PA-C).

Specialists from around the area offer outreach services on a regular basis for the convenience of our patients.

Family Medicine

This includes our Family Practice Clinicians and Family Practice
Clinicians who include Obstetrics (Pregnancy Care)





Gynecological/High Risk OB

Dr. Janice H. Alexander, M.D.





General Surgery

Dr. Nick Czosnyka M.D.





Orthopedic Surgery

Dr. Thomas Beck, M.D.