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Employee Health and Wellness

      Now, I know what you are thinking, not another list of evidence-based studies concluding that you can improve your health with 30 minutes of aerobic exercise five times a week, combined with weight training three times weekly. No, I won’t list the studies showing that eating a Mediterranean or vegetarian diet will improve many aspects of your health, reduce your health risks, and taste great too.  No, I won’t tell you about the peer-reviewed studies showing that practicing mindfulness and acts of kindness will improve your health and affect others positively as well.

      Rather, I want to share with you how we at the Richland Medical Center are trying to lead by example.  We now have a wellness group that is composed of employees, administration, and RMC board members. Our goal is to make healthy behaviors easier for our clinic staff to do by offering varying activities shown to improve health. 

       We’ll have exercise activities for all interests, including daily walks, hikes, and bikes.  With each event, volunteer leaders will add expertise or motivation.  We’ll do things that capitalize on the great opportunities for exercise surrounding us: walking trails, bike trails, parks, and beautiful city neighborhoods.  We want to find out what types of activities people are interested in and find the best time to do them so that these fitness activities become part of your day.

       Each month we’ll offer healthy lunches with menus using recipes and ingredients that follow the principles of good eating.  We will lunch and learn together as we make food our medicine. We’ll include strategies and recipes for improving your family’s daily meals.

       We’ll have mindfulness sessions like meditation and yoga that help manage stress and focus energy. 

       We’re hoping that all of these activities will become part of our clinic’s culture throughout the year. In working toward total fitness, we will start with our own family at the Richland Medical Center and use our time together positively.  I hope that many of you will step forward and join us as we learn together how to live better, longer, and happier lives.

       As we see what works in our clinic, we hope to build on what works for us and then offer programs and strategies to others. Eventually, Richland Medical Center wants to assist businesses and offices in our area work towards total fitness.  

       By the way, did you hear about the latest study showing improved health with diet, exercise, and mindfulness?  If so, won’t you join the wellness group and tell us about it?  No, really…..

Neil Bard, MD